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Useful Isuzu Page Links  (Links to other Links)
Lifts Suspension & Body
• Mods Power based
• Mods 4-WD based (Inc. transmissions)
• Mods Add-ons & Misc

• Tops Hard and Soft
   Standard Parts (Clutch, tires, etc)
   Tires    Tube    Street / Trim
   Lights       Racks   Emergency/Recovery
General Maintenance

• FAQ Files - Amigo, Rodeo, and General
  - General Isuzu Amigo-Rodeo-Rodeo Sport FAQ
    A page full of information on model differences, what's "inside," common problems by model
    year, company history, and much more.
  - HP vs Torque page -- what the diff is, what's important, and Shift Point Calculator.
  - Turbo / Supercharge FAQ -- What it is, trade-offs, etc.
  - Soundproofing FAQ -- Info and comparisons.
  - Engine / Oil / Transmission Cooling FAQ (external)

My Stock 93 Amigo.  Now with bigger tires and more dents.

Useful Isuzu Links

LiftsSuspension & Body

ModificationsPower Based.  Please note that any mods are "at your own risk."  Many void your warrantee, others may not perform as claimed.  The best proof if you want your money back is a before-and-after dyno.  Power Mod FAQ--A great read!

Modifications4WD Based (and not lifts)

ModificationsAdd-On and Misc  (But off-road.  See Accessories below)

Vehicle Tops, Hard And Soft

Soft Tops
Note:  The two main soft top manufactures are BestTop and Kayline.  Everyone knows BestTop, and for 1st Gen they came up with the rail system in the back instead of the snap system--a great improvement.  Kayline tops are generally $100 less expensive, use the original snap mounts on the rear door, come in a variety of colors for the vinyl, can be 31% tinted, and can roll up the side windows like on the new 2nd gen Rodeo Sports. Kayline was sold to Specialty Tops.  Finally, your best bet is always to go to Google and search for Amigo Bestop

Hard Tops
Note:  There are a variety of these manufacturers..  Top flight is the commercial application of Fleet Air.  Colonel's Truck Accessories is actually a subsidiary of Sports Resorts International.

Accessories    (Alphabetical as I could make it)

General Maintenance