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West Virginia State Farm Museum
Driving Directions

Museum Grounds Map)

From Point Pleasant: Go North on State Route 62. Four miles above town is a green highway sign saying that the Farm Museum is the next right. Turn right at the large intersection onto Fairground Road (Also known as Wadsworth Ave.). The Farm Museum is one mile on your right.
From Mason, West Virginia: Go South on US 33 until you reach the Ohio River Bridge. Continue South on State Route 62 for about seven miles. Turn left at the large intersection onto Fairground Road. Continue to the Museum as above.

From Ohio: You have two choices. You can cross the Ohio River either at Gallipolis or Pomeroy/Middleport, Ohio. Cross the Ohio River at Gallipolis on US 35 heading toward Charleston. As soon as you cross the bridge into West Virginia exit to the right onto Route 2 Northbound. You will see another bridge straight ahead-cross it as that is the Kanawha River bridge into Point Pleasant. Once in Point Pleasant, proceed as indicated above.

You can also enter from Ohio by crossing the Ohio River at Pomeroy/Middleport. You need to be on US 33 Southbound. This route will cross the Ohio River just South of Mason, West Virginia. On the East end of the bridge, turn right (South) onto West Virginia State Route 62 and continue South about seven miles and proceed as above.

From Charleston: Take Interstate 77 North to Ripley, WV. Exit on US 33 and follow 33 until near the Ohio River when it intersects with Route 2. Turn left on Route 2 and continue on this route until you reach Point Pleasant. From Point Pleasant, follow the directions above.

You can get a map of Point Pleasant, WV 25550 at

After getting the map, you can scroll north along Route 62 and the Ohio River until you reach the airport. The farm museum is situated immediately to the North of the airport.. The museum is on the straight road (Traffic Circle Longdale) that runs from NW to SE. The field of parallel roads in the area are a remnant of the World War II TNT production and storage area.

 If you get really lost you can call (304) 675-5737 and we can help you with directions.


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