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President George W. Bush has recommended that every American volunteer 2000 hours of their time to a worthwhile project of their own choosing.

 Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteers have fun.
  • Volunteers meet lots of new people.
  • Volunteers provide a very worthwhile service to the community.
  • Volunteers make our festivals happen.
  • We could not do school tours without volunteers.
  • Volunteers cook the meals, bake the pies and make the ice cream.
  • Volunteers restore and maintain our artifacts.

The person developing this web site is a volunteer. The Farm Museum always needs volunteers. The greatest need for volunteers is to help conduct school tours. On some days there are several hundred school children visiting the Museum!

Volunteers are needed in the Country Kitchen to prepare our delicious home cooked meals at festival time. We feature fresh baked pies and home-made ice cream.

Volunteers who can work with their hands are needed in the blacksmith and carpentry shop. We have a very complete blacksmith shop with forge and a pile of coal waiting for you. Our carpentry shop, however, has no power tools.

A group of dedicated volunteers meets every Thursday evening to restore and maintain the antique tractors. This group is legendary. If you would like to learn about antique tractor restoration, this is the place to do it. We are in progress of building a new paint booth so we can apply better automotive finishes to restored equipment.

Volunteers are needed to help maintain the grounds. We have a lot of lawn area and many trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and a herb garden. Our gardens grow weeds just like any other garden.

Volunteers are needed to help maintain or many buildings. Some of our structures have stood for over 100 years and it is a job maintaining them so they will be here for the next century. There are log cabins, board-and-batten, and clapboard siding which need constant repair and upkeep. Help is sometimes required to dismantle an old barn or building, transport it to the Museum and reassemble it. Think of the friends you could make by doing that!

During our festivals, volunteers run the antique tractors and steam engines, operate the sawmill, sorghum mill, apple press, blacksmith and carpenter shop, prepare meals in the kitchen, and explain displays to our visiting friends.

It doesn't matter what your skill levels may be, there is always something around the Museum that most people can do, and your efforts, what ever they may be, will be appreciated by the community. There are projects for young and old, male or female; there are even things you can do with your horse or oxen. We even have a spiffy new riding lawn mower that we can have you trained to operate in very little time!

If you would like to talk to someone about volunteering, e-mail us , or call (304) 675-5737. We thank you.


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