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Tractor Pulls at Farm Museum

Farmall M Tractor Pull


The tractor pulls are featured events at the Museum.   Check the Schedule for exact times and dates.

Pulling Rules:
1. Eligible tractors - Naturally aspirated antique tractors produced before1959.
2. Drivers - Must be 18 yrs or older, else requires written parental consent.  Must sign liability release.  Parent/guardian's responsibility to get tractor checked or be disqualified with no refund.  Youngsters needing assistance will be allowed exhibition only pulling with parent/guardian.
3. Entrants - If 10 or less in a class, 2 hooks will be allowed with only one prize money per tractor given.
4. Tires - Tires shall not exceed 15.5 except 7500lb and up.  Maximum is 18.4 by 38in.  Leading edge of bar cannot be altered in any way.
5. Speed - 3.5 mph max in any gear, monitored at sled.  Max of two warning horns.  Puller must slow within 3 seconds after horns or risk disqualification.  Third horn will disqualify puller with no measurement or refund.
6. Drawbar - Max height is 20in and length is 18in. from center of rear axle to point of hook.  Upper attachment point no higher than center line of axle measured at wheel hub.  Drawbar must be stationary (not adjustable from driver's seat) and pull must be started from tight chain.  Jerking of sled will result in disqualification.  Weights/bracket must not interfere with hitching/unhitching.
7. Safety - Wheelie bars are required for drivers under 18 and recommended for others.  Drivers must be seated at all times with hands on controls.  Any external part or weight lost while pulling will result in disqualification.  Running tractor must be attended at all times.
8. Weights - Front weights cannot extend more than 11ft from center of rear axle and must be secured.
9. Weigh In - Puller must go to staging area after weigh-in.  Returning to pit are will be disqualified if not weighed in again.
10. Pulling Order - Lottery drawing determines pulling order.  First puller in each class will be the test puller and can choose to drop to third and pull again.  Pullers have two attempts to move sled within 75ft mark.
11. Non-compliant tractors will be allowed to exhibition pull only at the end of each class.

The tractors are divided into classes depending on their weight and each unit is weighed prior to each event. Some tractors pull in different classes by adding weights in carefully chosen positions which will transfer the maximum weight upon the rear wheels while allowing just enough weight on the front tires to be able to steer down the marked course. Straying outside the marked course disqualifies the contestant.

The objective being to tow a heavy sled the distance of the course. The weight of the sled is gradually transferred to the tractor as it progresses down the course until the tractor either stalls or looses traction.


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