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Music Education Resources


This site offers resources on Dalcroze Eurhythmics, including a new book series ("Eurhythmics for Young Children"), links to online Dalcroze-related articles and organizations, and a Q/A forum.


All American Music Fest!

An adjudicated festival that accepts applications from choral groups, marching bands, concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, dance groups, guard teams among others. They are a registered non-profit festival and they host music students from all over the world. Sign up! It's for a great cause.


Music Animation Machine

The Music Animation Machine is a software invention of Stephen Malinowski that makes animated graphical scores of musical performances. These scores are specifically designed for listeners to watch while hearing music.


Music Net

Together with Stockholm's famous Musikmuseet, this site is building a virtual instrument collection on the Internet. Wander through the rooms in a 3d environment. Examine the instruments and hear how they sound.


Music Ed Launch Site

The World Wide Web is jam packed with music and music education sites. The Music Education Launch Site is a 'launch site' for the web traveler in the area of music education. There are four basic launch pads you may choose from depending upon who you are and what you are looking for...


Bruce Arnold's Music Workshop

The kind of learning presented here is essential. By learning the building blocks of music and music theory you will open up whole new worlds for your artistic fulfillment. For many of my students it sparks great ideas and helps them get closer to the music inside them.


Technology Based Music Education

In this project the web author outlines three ways in which music can be included in the classroom. You may work through the project in a linear fashion using the buttons at the bottom of the page, or jump to areas of interest using the links.


Music Link Central

Lots of links and a service for musicians wanting a platform to advertise themselves. This web authors says, it's a tough road for the unsigned artist and we want to do everything possible to help promote their efforts. If you're an unsigned artist and you'd like to be considered for a free MUSICIAN.COM Cyber Folio, just send us your portfolio including photos, a brief bio, contact information and a DAT tape or CD of your most recent work.


Stephen Barber.com Composer and Austin Texas Hall of Famer!


Music Education Online

This page is designed to aid music educators, students and parents in connecting with a variety of music education resources located on the Internet as well as providing an interactive bulletin board for posting questions and comments on music.



MusicStaff.com is a free service which enables parents, students and musicians to find music teachers, music schools and music lessons anywhere in the United States. There are online articles on teaching and lesson ideas available too.


Music Resources

If you've tired of the music scenes in Seattle and New York's East Village, the only place to turn is a Web server in Finland. The Sibelius Academy, a conservatory in Helsinki, provides a list of music sites that would rival a Vienna guidebook. It not only links you to jazz, blues, rock, and pop pages but covers famous composers, gospel, instruments, research, theory, and opera as well. The site's only graphic is a diminutive Finnish flag, but with such an array of music you don't need much else.


The Children's Music Web

Children's musicians interviews, preschool resources, and a lot more is compiled at this great music education and music industry web site.


ADG Productions

A.D.G. Productions was formed in 1990 by owner Andrew Gordon as a music educational publishing company producing and selling music instructional products including books, compact disks, MIDI disks, videos and software for most instruments and styles.


Music Curriculum Resources

Its purpose is to assemble information on just about any musical topic or concern at this site.



Musicians United for Superior Education, Inc. (MUSE) was established in 1990 to address the need for multi-cultural arts instruction in schools, and to increase access to the arts for all children. Based in Buffalo, MUSE is a member of the New York State Alliance for Arts In Education and the Western New York Coalition of Arts Providers for Children.


Jazz Primer

This primer began as an attempt to put together some answers to questions commonly asked by beginning improvisers in the rec.music.bluenote newsgroup on the Internet computer network. In the process of putting the text together, however, it gradually grew into a more comprehensive treatise hopefully suitable as a beginning guide to the self-study of jazz improvisation.


TENET's Music Sites

The Texas Education Network has a great links page for Fine Arts. Their purpose is to provide the most useful, up-to-date resources for the education community, including teachers, administrators, parents and students.


K-12 Resources for Music Educators

A tremendous amount of music education links can be found at this web site. This is a great resource site. There are midi and commercial resources too.



This site is managed by the Texas Choral Directors. Ensemble . . . collects, stores, and re-distributes information relating to subjects in all areas of music as taught in our schools, and sung or played in our churches, synagogs, and communities. It is jazz band, jazz choir, jazz orchestra. It is the classics in all areas. It is pop and show choir, band, or orchestra. If it's about music, it can be found at Ensemble.


Children's Midi Music by D. Saphra

Midis for Kiddies! This site has been set up as a convenience for other music educators. David is especially interested in promoting the free exchange of useable musical material. Most songs are available in midi format and can also be seen with a GIF picture of the score. All songs are available free of charge.


The Teledmus Project

This site offers some interesting information through out! There is a multimedia dictionary available as well as European Popular Songs. And of course, check out the "project". (is that mysterious enough?)


Land of Music

The Land of Music is a wonderful world where notes, other musical symbols and instruments come alive. It's the home of the Note Family, the Rest Family and many more characters. Everyone in the Land of Music helps to build Songhouses (songs) of all styles. They teach how to read, write and enjoy music through songs, stories, games, movement, puzzles and books. The songs and activities teach the theory concept as well as positive values, such as kindness and cooperation.



The web author of this site, Jess, is a strong music advocate and a music teacher with equally strong talent in educating children. He has culminated some fascinating resources. Drop by and treat yourself to a very fine site.


Eastman School of Music

offers great resources at their MusicEd Net site. Go by for a visit and sign up for their listserv at musednet@cc.rochester.edu


Harmony Music List

The Harmony Music List includes topics such as: Artists, Classical, Cultures, Discographies, Events, Instruments and Equipment, Jazz, Labels, Lists, Magazines, and lots more!

Services, Online Stores


Tritone Corporation has an online music education curriculum, called the Tritone Music Series. There are demos available and a very complete description of what their products can do to help you in the classroom. Check it out!



Enjoy a FREE ebook, "Positive African American Plays For Children"! This is a wonderful site with great ideas for the music and literature teachers. Stop by and download a free, fully functional e-book. If you decide to buy it at the end of a month's worth of use, its a very reasonable price. We teachers like that!


Their mission... is to create a lifelong love and appreciation for music within our students by exposing them to different styles of music, while also fostering their own creative spirit through composition, improvisation, and "non traditional" performance opportunities.


Alice Olsen

Alice is a composer and performer and has a section at her site that is specifically oriented to her music publications, some of which have arrangements for Orff instruments.


Plank Music Co.

Quite simply, one of the absolute best music resources you can find anywhere. Check out the site and then subscribe to the magazine. It's fantastic!


Natural Learning

This site has some wonderful resources for kindergartners and preschoolers. One of my favorite sections is the A-Z pages of finger plays.




Musician's Health


Gear Search


zZounds Music Discovery Center

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Educational Articles
Teachers Lounge

Music Methods

The Suzuki Violin Institute

Suzuki Music Academy founder/director, Richard Coff, was a conservatory trained violinist when he became one of the first teachers in America to work with Shinichi Suzuki, the creator of the Suzuki violin method. Mr. Coff began his teaching career at Boston's New England Conservatory Preparatory Department and was one of the first in America to use the Suzuki Method to provide training for young children.

Orff/Schulwerk Organization

The Kodaly Philosophy

The Gordon Learning Theory

This is an interview with Edwin Gordon, himself. There is a lot of helpful information offered at this site in regard to teaching music education.

The Talent Education Method by Dr. Suzuki

This article is a great resource for what the Suzuki Method is all about. The lady who wrote the article has a monthly newsletter and runs a children's Suzuki Institute in Australia.

The Alexander Technique

An article describing the benefits for musicians with chronic pain due to repetitious movements involved in playing their instruments. There is relief for the vocalist as well. Read more about this astounding approach to staying relaxed through proper positioning of the body.

The Dalcroze Method

An article describing the benefits for utilizing movement in your music lessons. Monica Dale is a professional dancer, pianist, and choreographer, and a leading proponent of Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

Montesorri Method

Ear Training Resources - Theory Sites



Practical Music Theory - "Teoria"

Music Education by DataDragon

DataDragon has online tutorials and guides. Learn about different instruments, listening samples available. Learn to read music.

Composers and Classical Music


Czech Composers


Not only will you find a nice summative of his life, you will find a lesson ready to use for your Mozart unit. Plus a few other added surprises.

Songs and Songwriting Resources

Cariboomoose: Children's Music

Miscellaneous Resources


Your one stop teacher resource guide. An excellent resource site!

Education Index

The Education Index®, is an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web. They're sorted by subject and lifestage, so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily. There's also a place to find out more about them, and about all that the Education Index has to offer. You can search by subject if you are looking for music resources.


An assortment of all different kinds of e-zines that can be found on the Internet. Of particular interest to me, are the ones that are geared toward what the youth seems to think is "noteworthy" in musical endeavors. Hmmm.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

The Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama offers publications and teacher support, plus lots of resources that could be helpful in examination regulations and information involved in these institutions.

Philosophy and Music



Ted's Java Guitar

Teacher's Net

American School Directory


Instrumental Resources

Piano on the Net

The Trumpet Page

Lake Shore Music

The International Recorder Page

The Instrumental Music Resource Page

Opera, Theatre, Auditions, Dance

Applause Music

Metropolitan Opera - The history of opera is covered very nicely at this handsome site.

Reference and Fine Arts Advocacy


This site has a tremendous amount of excellent resources for all teachers with a special emphasis on the Arts.

Community Learning Network

American Music Conference

MuSICA is probably one of the best resources on the Internet for gathering great information on Arts Advocacy.


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