Open Mic        Entertaining
Dr. Karp          The Happiest Baby on the Block
Eileen Douglas      Rachel and the Upside down Heart
Sara Davidson       NY Times Bestseller, LEAP: What will I do with the rest of my life?
Brad Listi            LA TIMES Bestseller! "Attention.Deficit.Disorder"
Dr. Brizendine      "The Female Brain"
Dr. Roy Clark      Poynter Institute School of Journalism
Lamont Carey      Author, Actor
Vincent Truman      Playwright, Actor, Comedian
GUD Magazine       A Writer's Magazine
Cindy Bokma      The "Oprah" of the Internet



Aaron Dietz
Corey Friedman
Duane Finley
Undercover White Trash
Dan: Gentleman of Leisure
Travis Blair
Alvarez Ricardez
Lonely Hearts Club: Open Mic - 11/22/2006
Richard Donin
Serita Stevens
John Oughton
Open Mic - 01/10/07
Open Mic - 01/31/2007
Dean Baker: No Show
Eleanora and the Lonely Hearts Club - 02/14/2007
Amy Grech
Open Mic - 03/7/2007
Wynter Cuthbert
Open Mic - 04/18/2007
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