Preface by the Editor

Chapter 1 Childhood - the break - leaving home

Chapter 2 On the road - meeting with Curly

Chapter 3 Learning tramp lore - encounter with Frenchy

Chapter 4 A handout - en route to Louisville

Chapter 5 Mooching - phoney jewelry - Curly's spree

Chapter 6 Reform school - Reformatory - parole

Chapter 7 Rambling, peddling, and watching Soapy

Chapter 8 Grasshoppers - farewell to Curly - barbering

Chapter 9 Marriage, sort of - boxing - a variety of jobs

Chapter 10 Patent medicine, prospecting, and blighted love

Chapter 11 Wanderings with Michael J. and Tony

Chapter 12 Selling nuggets - how to kidnap a gaycat

Chapter 13 Sheep; a musical interlude; marriage to Mary, and her exit; a girl named Louise; the big quake; marriage to Louise - respectability at last

Chapter 14 Reflections on the wondrous world of Trampdom

Odds and Ends - Loose ends


Appendix A. Rebecca "Carrie" Jane Billings Everson, inventor

Appendix B. Comments by Jack's daughter, Alice Weiss Everson

Appendix C. Postscript by the Editor