.: Analyze This and That - 2005

Tonight as I reflected upon my "newness", I noticed a piece of scrap paper lying behind my computer.

I had written these thoughts down after THE break up, a month ago. I think that I may over-think. If one over thinks it could cause even more confusion. I hadn't realized that. Not until now. I had heard others speak of not over-analyzing, but I always just viewed that as their way of saying, I don't want to talk about it. I'm afraid of that topic, or something along those lines. But now, I think I really get it.

Do first impressions last or are they replaced after we get to know someone/something better? Do our first thoughts about something usually pan out right? Are we to trust our discernment? How do we know if we are being fully open with ourselves, with others? You see? Here I go again. Off on some thought tangent.

I was amazed by the straight, forward thoughts I had written down immediately, (within days), of the break up.

I'd like to share them with you.

(I am not editing anything nor adding anything to my original thoughts)

God will not abandon me.

I can choose to love my life in and of itself and anticipate all the beautiful experiences each day holds.

Be here now.

Love your life.

Be sufficient in myself.

Allow waves of emotion to roll over me and not disturb the banks. The banks are solid; they belong to God.

Love is constant and consistent.

It comes and it goes in many forms but is always there in some form.


Perspective is lost because of negativity, mistrust and anticipating the worst.


Be the love of the moment. Appreciate it and let it go, because love will always be there and return again and again.

Do not choose hurtful thoughts. Life is too short and nothing should ever be so important to allow that one instance to change what is already present and available. Life, Love, Freedom, will always be there in its many forms.

Be too busy living to take time in defining.

Defining is futile as it is always changing.

Live now. Move on.
D. Leeson 2005

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