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Dr. Anselm Franz, his Lycoming Turbine Engine Division:
The AL5512, T55 and T53 Gas Turbine Engines

How does your company deal with a technician's expensive mistake?
"The Technician's Masterpiece" makes the case for systematic investigations of errors

When supercomputers gain human-like intelligence, the fun will begin when they start screwing up like us

Hi!  My name is Robert Reed.  I have a family, a job and a home.  I go to my job and I return home after I work.  I enjoy my time off from work.  That's my real life.  I am a writer and columnist (until the newspaper shut down recently!), a journeyman diesel technician and industrial power generation technician, a certified Cummins Marine and Cummins MerCruiser technician, a licenced A&P aviation technician, a USC certified aircraft accident investigator, and served 9 years with Textron Lycoming (now Honeywell) as a technical representative on their turbine engine product line.  In all, I've been twisting wrenches since 1971 and am still at it 39 years later.  I am a computer geek who sometimes gets lost in the internals of my laptops and desktop computers.  I help run a ham radio network of people around the Pacific Rim to assist vessels at sea in routine and emergency communtications and position reporting.  I ocean fish and surf.

My off work time is spent working on my boat, fishing from it, getting the latest geek news, and spending a little time at the beach on my surfboard in the cold waters of Humboldt County.

Blogs? I have several.  There's hamradiohead and Facebook (under my real name), I also have put up some of my columns written for the Eureka Reporter here.  

My source of geek news is slashdot.org, Engadget, Techcrunch and some others like it.  Sometimes good stuff is found there, and sometimes it's days ahead of mainstream news sources. 

I'm a Linux operating system enthusiast.  I find myself visiting linuxtoday.com for what's going on there in that world.  I own 3 laptops all of which are dual boot Linux / Windows machines, a PC that is the same, and a Macintosh mini.  I need to keep up on as many operating systems as possible.  It keeps me comfortable and familiar in all of them.

I enjoy the adventure and occasional terror that comes with troubleshooting and fixing large expensive diesel engines.  The pressure to perform is high at times.  Come with me to a broken engine in a large fishing vessel sometime and I'll show you.  Browse through http://hamradiohead.livejournal.com and you will see.

My wrenches (and other handy skills) have taken me through a wonderful journey in life, traveling across the Pacific, all over the United States, and parts of Asia including Japan.  A tradesman's journey is limited only by what he or she believes it's possibilities are.