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Farmall H Serial Number LocationThe most frequently asked question I get is "how can I find out what year my Farmall H was made?".  That's easy if it still has its serial number tag. On a Farmall H, HV, Super H, or Super HV, the serial number tag should be on the left side of the clutch housing. For an H or HV, the number should start with "FBH", followed by the actual serial number, possibly followed by one or more other codes. A Super H or Super HV will start with "SH", but will otherwise be similar. Just look up the serial number in the table below to find the year. For example, if you had an H whose serial number plate said "FBH123456X1", you could extract the serial number, 123456, and by looking at the table you'd find that it was produced in 1943, probably fairly early in the year. The "X1" suffix is very common, and indicates a gasoline engine (higher compression, and without the secondary starting fuel tank used on distillate engines. Tractors without X1 will likely have a small secondary gas tank used for gasoline, to start and warm up the engine before switching to distillate.).  "X3" means kerosene.  For a complete listing of codes, check Guy Fay's excellent "International Harvester Tractor Data Book".


Farmall H and HV

Year Starting Serial Number Ending Serial Number Number Produced
1939 501 10652 na
1940 10653 52386 41,317
1941 52387 93236 40,927
1942 93237 122589 34,987
1943 122590 150250 21,375
1944 150251 186122 37,265
1945 186123 214819 28,268
1946 214820 241142 25,615
1947 241143 268990 28,382
1948 268991 300875 32,265
1949 300876 327974 27,483
1950 327975 351922 24,681
1951 351923 375860 24,232
1952 375861 390499 16,243
1953 390500 391730 21,916

Farmall Super H & HV

Year Starting Serial Number Ending Serial Number Number Produced
1953 501 22201 21,916
1954 22202 29285 10,052

Note: serial number information for other Farmalls can be found on Alan Moore's serial number pages.

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This page last updated: September 27, 2003