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Note: I have given up on my goal of documenting every Farmall-H on the web - when I started that seemed possible but now there are so many of you that I just can't keep up. Still, I'm doing the best I can, and keep sending me links to add! If you don't have a web page of your own, send me a jpg file and I'll put it on this site.

The story of my own Farmall H and its restoration is here.

Here is Jennie Lou Rahn's Farmall H in Iron Ridge, Wisconsin. And here is another view and another. She seems to prefer driving her H to shows rather than trailering it!

Scott Macosta has built what looks like a very capable 3 point hitch for this H.

Kirk Armitage, of Ottawa Canada sent me this photo of his 1952 H with a 6 foot Woods 306 belly mower . It looks really good - I have a similar mower on my Super A.

Charlie Verdon has restored this 1942 H, and is now working on this 1943 H. These photos are an excellent restoration log which will give you a good idea what's involved in a high quality restoration.

Chad Horner and his father are restoring this H.

Andew Helm has this great looking 1940 H on rear steel.

Erik Hoogerbrugge in Holland has restored a beautiful 1946 H with his brother. This shot is at a big show in Panningen. Here is another shot of Erik on the H after a 30km trip with a local club. Notice his historical clothes - this is the custom of the club there for shows or trips.  And here is a bonus shot of his McCormick DED 3, made in Germany and built only in 1953 - has a 3 cylinder diesel engine.

JF Pierret of France has this very nice H. Here are more shots: one, two, three, and four.

David Heick provided these before and after photos of his 1940 Farmall H with a loader. When he found it, it was covered with berry bushes, had rotten tires, etc. Now it looks great!

Rich Sanders sent along this photo of a 1946 H with propane conversion (aftermarket - IH made no propane Hs). He is planning to convert it back to gas in the course of his restoration.

Brent Marner sent a photo of Al Marner's 1949 Farmall H - nice restoration. There is also a matching IH Little Genius plow.

This 1940 Farmall H was featured in Classic Tractor Collectibles 1991 calendar and video. Their 1997 calendar and video featured this 1953 Farmall Super H

Dr. Mark Lail's Farmall H Restoration has before, during and after photos of a very nice restoration job.

'Enery, 1947 Farmall H is Dave Merchant's camera shy H. There is no photo on this page, but I keep hoping he'll add one.

Jeff Grodey has a general Farmall Tractor Page as well as a thoroughly well documented Farmall H Tractor Restoration. I wish I had kept a diary like this!

Jimmie Rodgers mentions an H restoration in progress at Jimmie's Home Page but no photos yet.

Mark Bookout gave his father a Christmas H.

Rod Allison is restoring his grandfather's 1942 Farmall H.

Gary Dougherty has some good photos of his 1941 H in action.

The Farmall Page of the Northeast has a picture of this H in addition to the one on the top level page, and also this sound clip of a Farmall (doesn't say whether it is an H or an M or what) running.

This page points to several photos of  John "Red" Fritz's 1951 Farmall H - he has documented a pretty complete restoration here, the photos are good and the narrative useful. He also has 1941, 1945, and 1946 Hs. Also, don't miss his 42 and 51 H photo albums.

Dave Pflum has a very nice 1947 H (before and after), and don't miss his IH K8 and D40 trucks!

Andrew Helm sent this photo of his 1939 H and the mounted corn planter that he plans to restore for it.

Chris sent along these photos (side and front views) of his 45 H.

Here are some nice photos of Michael Gillette's 1939 Farmall H.

Dale Erickson's once documented his "winter h" restoration project - a 49 H - but the photos have disappeared from his site. Hope that doesn't mean he gave up.

George Willer recently sold this 1940 Farmall H. He now has a pair of Hs, Mike and Ike.

Pat and Ellen Strzyzewski have this very nice Super H near Arcadia, WI.

Here is Joe's late 40s Farmall H - has been in the family since his Uncle bought it new.

Jean-Francois Fischesser in France has this very nice 1948 Farmall H. Here's an even better photo of Jean-Francois's H in action.

And while we're looking at Hs outside North America, here is Roberto Rivero's Farmall H in Uruguay. Roberto has got tractor hauling figured out too - see the photos.

Mike Schmudlach says this 1940 H was Suzie's engagement present.

Patrick Brady is using and restoring this H.

Rich Griffin has restored a 1947 and a 1950 H. The 1947 H is pictured here.

John Maria's son Steve is shown on this 1946 H.

Stan Sewell recently sold this beautiful 1946 H.

Here is Bill Dakin's 1942 H. Super paint job!

And Judd's 1952 H.

Rich Griffin has restored the 47 H that he grew up with.

Although it is hardly recognizable, under the Fowler Jib conversion is an H owned by Shaun Hughes in Australia!

Other photos: There's a nice 1949 H in this set of North Texas Show photographs, a nice wide front 1951 wide front H in this set of Pictures of Antique Tractors, and another wide front in this set of photos from the Tulare Antique Farm Equipment Show. And there's a photo of a nice H on a Farmall page put together by Curtis Peters (the caption says it is a Super H but the decals disagree).

Here are multiple views of a lovely wide front H with a snowplow blade (complete with snow) from the ATIS/Brice Adams image depot: ihhbak1.jpg, ihhfrt1.jpg, ihhfrt10.jpg, ihhfrt11.jpg, ihhfrt2.jpg, ihhfrt3.jpg, ihhfrt4.jpg, ihhfrt5.jpg, ihhfrt6.jpg, ihhfrt7.jpg, ihhfrt8.jpg, ihhfrt9.jpg, ihhlft1.jpg, ihhlft2.jpg. And here are two views of another H from the same source (warning, huge GIF files): au_h1.gif, au_h2.gif. And don't miss this 1945 H with a rather unusual paint job

Here are two pictures (front and side) taken in 1947 of E. John Puckett's father's 1941 Farmall H with the frame he made for picking up loose hay in the field. You wouldn't want to stand in front of this thing when it was going!

Here are two working photos of Ray Trimble's 47 Farmall H: pulling a shredder and pulling a plow.

Matt Isserstedt is restoring this 1949 H, and plans to be done in time for its 50th birthday.

Here is probably the most extreme H I've seen - it has enough cylinders for a couple of extra tractors.

If that wasn't not enough for you, the photo gallery on Yesterday's Tractors has lots of Farmall photos. Many of them are Farmall Hs.

If all this has made you interested in owning your very own H, try the classified ads at ATIS or Yesterday's Tractors. You might also check something like Thrifty Nickel for one closer to home.

Did I miss one? No problem, send me mail and I'll be glad to add it. If you don't have a web site, let me know, I'd be glad to include it here. If you don't have a scanner you can just mail me a photo.

1999-2002 T.W. Cook - All Rights Reserved. Operating and repairing antique tractors is an inherently dangerous activity. In particular, Farmall H's predate many modern safety enhancements such as roll-over protection systems. Please, be aware of the proper safety procedures and take all possible precautions - be careful out there!

Some words, model names, and designations, such as "Farmall", mentioned herein are the property of the trademark holder, and are used for identification purposes only. This is not an official website.

This page last updated: September 27, 2003