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Surprisingly, even though Hs haven't been made for nearly 50 years, the most important parts source for your Farmall H is still your nearby Case-IH dealer. You'll probably be astonished at home many key mechanical parts they can still get. If you don't have a nearby Case-IH dealer, or if yours doesn't seem competent or  cooperative, try Carter and Gruenewald. They're an excellent Case-IH dealer which does business over the web. And if you are anywhere near Central Texas, stop by Williamson County Equipment in Taylor and chat with the parts counter guys Darrell, Walter, and Ricky. They are really great about finding whatever you need. Tell them I sent you!

If you live in an area that was well supplied with Farmalls in the past, you may also be able to find a good local salvage yard. There is a pretty good list of salvage yards available on ATIS.

Mechanical Parts

Yesterday's Tractors sells some parts, including engine rebuild kits.

Mathis Equipment and Tractor Salvage, P.O. Box 79, Cairo MO 65239, 660-295-4456 seems to have a pretty wide variety of used parts as well as some new replacement parts.

Berkshire Implement Co., Inc. at US 35 North - Box 237, Royal Center, IN 46978, 219-643-3115 carries a variety of New Old Stock (NOS) parts.

Glen Mlnarik at Little Red Tractor Co., 124 Marion Street, Howells, NE 68641, 402-986-1352 carries an assortment of NOS and used parts and manuals as well as the occasional tractor. I've been able to find some pretty obscure stuff through Glen and can recommend him.

Weber's Tractor Works, 201 S. Lafayette, Newton IL 62448, 618-783-4102 carries some hard to find NOS parts.

Tom Underwood at Parts of the Past, Inc., 1320 Spencer Drive, Lawrence, KS 66044 785-749-5231 has some parts (particularly engine parts like pistons and sleeves).

Joe Rice at Joe's Farmall Parts carries a variety of NOS and reproduction parts for 1940-1955 Farmall tractors. P.O. Box 660, Clarion PA 16214, 814-226-6214.

Steel Wheel Ranch, 1215 Plumtree Rd.. Everest, KS 66424 -(785) 548-7437deals in Farmall/IH tractors and used parts, as well as new parts for nearly any make or model.

SSB Tractors sells a variety of Farmall related parts and accessories.

JP Tractor Salvage has a variety of used Farmall parts and will ship anywhere.

Sam Adams, Route 1, Box 28 Tatum, TX 75691 - (903) 836-4688, deals in used equipment (tractors and implements) with a focus on IH. He also has a lot of parts tractors, including several Hs, and is willing to ship parts anywhere. I've bought several things from Sam and haven't been disappointed. He can be reached as and he advertises frequently in the ATIS classified ads. You can see what he is currently featuring by going there and searching for "tatum". If you happen to be through East Texas, be sure to stop in and see Sam - it is always fun browsing through his stuff looking for treasure!

Reproduction Parts (Sheet Metal, etc.)

There are now a number of companies making/selling reproduction parts for Farmall Hs. These include:

Restoration Supply, Dept. R, 18 Skyline Drive, Medway MA 02053, 508-533-4903 carries a wide variety of parts. Catalog is $1.00.

Bates Corporation, 4917 14th Road, Bourbon, IN 46504, 800-248-2955  specializes in IH parts, including factory rebuilt TAs and clutches.

Steiner Tractor Parts, 10096 S. Saginaw Road, Holly MI 48442, 810-695-1919 carries a number of new replacement parts for Farmall Hs. For $5.00 they'll send you a catalog.

O.E.M. Tractor Parts, Rt 9 East, P.O. Box 362, Bloomington IL 61702, 309-664-0526 also carries new replacement parts, including some hard to find items like the sealed beam lights used on later Hs.


Wiring harnesses are available from Case-IH but sometimes don't match the originals (compare carefully). As an alternative, you might try Agri-Services. Also, John Brillman offers proper original plug wires and battery cables.


Correct tires (with the old style 45 degree tread) are hard to find. One source is M.E. Miller tire company; another is Tucker Tire company. Both will ship anywhere. If you're anywhere near central Texas, I've had good luck and good prices from Mickan Motor Company in Walburg.


Many gauges are still available from your Case-IH dealer. If that doesn't work you can order reproductions from Antique Gauges, Inc., 12287 Old Skipton Road, Cordova MD 21625, telephone 410-822-4963. I got a temperature gauge and an ammeter for my H from then.


The easiest thing to do is to run down to your Case-IH dealer and get IH 2150 Red paint, available in either spray cans or quarts. This is what I used on my H. Some people like to add hardener to get a shinier finish; if I were doing it again I would do that - I have used hardener on subsequent projects and it definitely improves the finish.  If you really want to get spend more money, you can have it mixed - see this page for some information about paint codes. I also received mail from Van Sickle Paints, which carries a 455 Case IH Red which they claim is very close to IH 2150 Red. I've not tried it myself, if you do let me know. They also have a 460 International Blue which is supposed to be the same as the old IH Implement Blue. The only other source I know of for Implement Blue is Carter & Gruenwald. The wheel rims were originally galvanized, and while you could have that done, most people paint them metallic silver these days. Your Case-IH dealer can sell you some silver paint which is what I used.


Maple-Hunter Decals, P.O. Box 805, Riley, IN 47871 carries a pretty complete line of decals, in both regular mylar and vinyl cut. I prefer the latter because they don't have the clear stuff in between the letters.  You can contact Jack Maple at 765-932-2027 or John Hunter at 812-894-9759. Another source is Iron Horse Decals, P.O. Box 9953, Fargo, ND  58106-9953 800-959-6629. Additionally, many of the vendors mentioned above carry decals.

Disclaimer: while I have personally ordered parts from some of these suppliers, this information is provided for information only and doesn't constitute an endorsement of any of the businesses listed.

1999-2002 T.W. Cook - All Rights Reserved. Operating and repairing antique tractors is an inherently dangerous activity. In particular, Farmall H's predate many modern safety enhancements such as roll-over protection systems. Please, be aware of the proper safety procedures and take all possible precautions - be careful out there!

Some words, model names, and designations, such as "Farmall", mentioned herein are the property of the trademark holder, and are used for identification purposes only. This is not an official website.

This page last updated: September 27, 2003