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Several people have asked me where to find Farmall H related shirts, hats, collectables, etc. Here are some possibilities.

Binder Books has a variety of IH and Farmall related collectables; they also usually have NOS IH hats (NOS = New Old Stock, that is, IH hats actually made by IH). If you don't see them in their catalog, call and ask.

Some t-shirts are available from PC Printshop.   Buy Cool Shirts has shirts with both Hs and Super Hs. Super Scout Specialists has all kinds of IH logo shirts, hats, and other trinkets.

Franklin Mint used to make a fabulously detailed model of a 1941 H. It is kind of expensive but very cool. I got one of these for Christmas and really love it. They are no longer offering it, so you'll have to find a used one on eBay or something.

Disclaimer: I don't own much of this stuff except for an IH logo cap I got from Binder Books. I do have several Farmall t-shirts but I got them all from vendors at tractor shows. If someone buys any of this merchandise, let me know how it turns out.

1999-2002 T.W. Cook - All Rights Reserved. Operating and repairing antique tractors is an inherently dangerous activity. In particular, Farmall H's predate many modern safety enhancements such as roll-over protection systems. Please, be aware of the proper safety procedures and take all possible precautions - be careful out there!

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This page last updated: September 27, 2003