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Many of the questions I get have to do with wide front ends and how to get them. Wide front ends for Hs are not particularly rare. There is no information as to how many were shipped that way, and as this was an easy dealer conversion (it's just a bolt-on), any such records would probably be inaccurate anyway.

There were at least 3 sources of wide fronts; from IH and from third parties. I am told that Schwartz still sells them, but have not investigated. It isn't clear that the IH version is considered more valuable by collectors.

As for where to get one, I'd suggest watching the classifieds, especially the ones in Red Power Magazine. They appear now and then. Be warned that they tend to be pretty expensive, and that they will not make your tractor significantly less likely to tip over (they don't alter the center of gravity).

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This page last updated: September 27, 2003