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Wayne In A Nutshell (Which a lot of people think is a good short description of me in itself.)
    After graduating from Homewood-Flossmoor High School in 1986, I joined the Air Force to get money for college.  After some shuffling, I eventually settled into Pease AFB, NH and the 509th bomb wing, the first and only military unit to drop a wartime nuclear bomb.  I worked all night as a FB-111 crew chief and went to school all day at the University of New Hampshire, taking general classes I knew would transfer.
    When Pease AFB closed in 1990, I was working full time and in school part time.  I decided to flip-flop this so  I got out, packed up, and moved to Tempe, Arizona.  I attended Mesa Community College and transferred to the Air National Guard, joining the 161st Air Refueling Group in Phoenix.  I switched to Arizona State University and graduated in the summer of 1995 with an electrical engineering degree and followed my heart off into the desert to get lost.  Hey, I had the rest of my life to work.  I had five day weekends and all the money I needed to survive.
    After a series of adventures (including the drive out there), I went to work for Texas Instruments Defense Group in Dallas, Texas.  I started in March, 1996 and was sold to Raytheon in 1997 where, in 1999, we finally found out we were in the Systems group.
    I also transferred to the Texas ANG where I was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and put in charge of Disaster Prep. (My motto:  "If there's a disaster, we're probably there!"  I thought it was funny, but it didn't play real well with some of the more serious military people).  I later moved to Engineering Flight.  Although I finished in Spring 2000, due to paperwork delays I officially graduated with my Masters degree in  electrical engineering at Southern Methodist University  at the end of Summer 2000.
   Now I'm just kicking back.

But this only tells you what I did.  That's a start to knowing who I am, but you really have to dig deeper.

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161st:  I put computers in and helped with the network and they still don't have a web page. All this internal link does is scroll you down so you can look at this cool picture of the Grand Canyon in the winter.

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