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Bill sent in these great photos of a working H with a full set of cultivators. Click on any image to get an enlargement. He is using the H in his garden this year!

DCP00982.JPG (65182 bytes) DCP00981.JPG (58392 bytes) DCP00983.JPG (67238 bytes) DCP00984.JPG (61189 bytes) DCP00985.JPG (60510 bytes)

There were several different sets of cultivators available; this particular set is not steerable, and doesn't have the hydraulic lift, but rather the good old "armstrong" lift.

The steerable cultivators attached through that little access panel (usually missing) on the front of the grill. Here is a set of photos provided by Ernie Barnes of an H with steering cultivators. The first photo shows the mechanism quite clearly (click on the thumbnail below for an enlargement). Notice also the fertilizer bucket (visible in the second photo).

hsteer.jpg (41185 bytes).hfertilizer.jpg (36983 bytes) hfront.jpg (36267 bytes) hleft.jpg (36395 bytes) hquarter.jpg (34168 bytes) hrquarter.jpg (41470 bytes)

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This page last updated: September 27, 2003