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[This advice from Mike Sloane]

There are a few problems with putting a 3-point hitch kit on a tractor (H or M) equipped with the transmission driven Lift All hydraulic system (the H and the M used identical units with different drive shafts to allow for the different spacing of the engine and transmission):

  1. It only works when the clutch is engaged, which is quite inconvenient
    at times.
  2. The capacity of the reservoir is very limited, meaning that the most
    you can handle is one 2x8 cylinder.
  3. The pumps in those units were only capable of 750 psi when they were
    new, and by now are lucky to get out 500 psi. So you won't be able to
    lift very much in the way of implements (a decent rear blade will just
    sit there on the ground).
  4. The control valves are not designed for precise positioning of the
    cylinders - you are pretty much left with all the way up or all the way
  5. The pump volume was miserly, and even if everything else works, hitch
    operation is slow. Also, the system is single acting, relying on gravity
    to push the fluid back through the system when lowering the hitch.

If you can get a hold of a later engine driven system, you will not have any of the above problems, although the valves are the same.

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This page last updated: September 27, 2003