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These are the implements that I got with the H. I've since gotten a few more.

shredder.jpg (54575 bytes) This Corsicana shredder belonged to my grandfather and was used along with the H to mow his place. I cleaned it up and repainted it, replaced the wheels and drive shaft and now use it for mowing myself. diskplow.jpg (54642 bytes) This John Deere Disk Plow was a relatively late acquisition by my grandfather; I know he used it to plow his garden but don't think he had it when he was actually farming. It is in good shape other than the missing scrapers, and needs only a little grease and a paint job.
disk-harrow1.jpg (57948 bytes) This old IHC disk harrow apparently predates the H and was used by my grandfather during his farming days. It is a little rough but still usable. disk-harrow2.jpg (64058 bytes) Side view of the disk harrow. It appears to be a Model 10A.
wagon-back.jpg (61845 bytes) This wagon was taken in trade by my father back in the 60s sometime. He never used it much because it was rundown then and he had a two wheel wagon that was easier to maneuver. wagon-front.jpg (69767 bytes) It is a Model T chassis, with the Model A wheels welded on in lieu of lug bolts. I don't know if I can get it apart enough to repair or not.

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This page last updated: September 27, 2003